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Actor, Cosplay Official, Costuming, Gaming, LGBT / Ally / Equality, Makeup, Prop building


Tarin is 22 yrs old and has been cosplaying since the age of 9. She grew up overseas and on native ground, Often passing time sketching and crafting out of any scraps she could get her hands on. She began modeling and acting when 10, often doing shows and shoots with very intricate armor pieces which then led to her love for armor. since then she had made hundreds on armor sets for herself and friends, often just for the task of keeping busy.
Sewing was taught at a young age by her grandmother which began the dream of making the outfits of her favorite characters such as Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena, who she still cosplays today! SHe then progressed into armor making and props in order to create some of her favorite video game characters.
Now she cosplays from mostly video games and older animes that mean a lot to her. The love has never died since and will continue for years to come!